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7 december 2021

SEKO GSD is a proud sponsor of I CAN Wounded Warriors Cycling Team

Where passion, optimism and camaraderie come together.

The I CAN Wounded Warriors Cycling Team is more than just a club for cycling enthusiasts. Behind every pedal forward is, sometimes literally, a thought, a goal. We always finish together. Many members of the Cycling Team have a chequered past;quite often the result of working in a combat situation or as part of a peace mission.

The core of the team consists of veterans injured physically or psychologically, and a number of important people from their immediate social circle. Cycling, together or alone, helps them deal with their physical and psychological wounds in a different way. The endorphin rush, the rhythm, the outdoors and the atmosphere are among the ideal ingredients for achieving this.

There are now also former police officers in the team. Men and women who do or have done their work under similar circumstances, and who have also suffered similar injuries. They are also able to more forward with the same feeling of camaraderie in the I CAN Wounded Warriors Cycling Team.

But the team consists of more than just ex-servicemen and women. Actively serving veterans/soldiers, other service personnel and friends also join in. They feel strongly connected to the team’s goals. They cycle alongside the team, providing assistance in its development.

The history, the passion and the camaraderie lead to a unique team spirit. The sporting achievements provide an optimistic outlook for the future. It is obvious that the men and women’s highly active and sporting nature contributes to a healthy attitude toward life.

An important part of the team’s goal is to draw attention to the special achievements of servicemen and women (ex or otherwise) in the context of national/international peace and freedom, and the personal sacrifices frequently made in this respect.

The team always presents itself as one unit in their striking cycling clothing. No rider of the team will ever be left behind. This very special Cycling Team is set to organise and complete a number of special tours over the next few years.