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10 januari 2022

Storage Capacity for classes 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 & 1.4 Cargo

SEKO GSD offers unique distribution and warehousing capabilities for explosives and ammunition in a central European location on a former NATO bunker facility near the Dutch-German border. Ideally located approximately 300 KM from the ports of Hamburg, Antwerp and Rotterdam which are easily accessed from the USA, Middle East and Asia. Operated as a bonded warehouse, goods can be held in customs bond without having to prepay duties & taxes. Repacking, Relabeling and distribution makes this a true one stop shop for ammunition, explosives and small arms.

  • 20 fully secured bunkers with individual security set up per bunker.
  • 4.200m2 space.
  • Fully controllable cameras which can be accessed by the customer having 24/7 full visibility.
  • Customs bonded area.
  • Pick and pack service, re-packing and relabeling services on site.
  • Cargo commodities: Explosives, ammunition, weapons and “classified“ cargo.
  • SEKO GSD offers a forward stocking location in Europe for companies from outside Europe which want a shorter supply chain for their European customers.